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Anonymous sent: She was arguing that she didn't recognize them as people, and that they were the shitty ones for not staying in their genders. Her argument was that they enforce gender roles even tho she was because she wanted them to stay in their genders????? I don't know she was like "trans women have more privilege than me, a straight white woman"

I can’t tell what’s worst; people of certain cultures trying to speak for their entire culture, white people trying to speak for other cultures, or white people complaining they have less privilege. People need to turn off their computers and go outside and take a nice big fresh breath of air. Fo’real. And this is coming from a fucking hermit who does online school and is glued to a computer 24/7. This really needs to stop. Like, have a life. Ohmygod.

I am so sorry you had to go through that. Were they really legit? Not trolling? I would’ve thought they were trolling

~ Rini

Anonymous sent: The thing they don't understand is that language isn't really tied down to culture, language is always changing in dialect and what not so there are no real ties to the race it comes from besides any words describing religion or what not. Also she learned a second language like why would you hate on someone learning to speak other languages like that's super stupid


Oh yeah and that’s actually her third language. Her third fucking language that she’s learning and it’s fucking awesome.

I might as well be a fucking Spaneeaboo (hell yeah I made that term up) because I’m Mexican but haven’t officially learned Spanish. On top of that, I learned/started learning Chinese because 1) I needed a language credit in school 2) that is challenging myself. I am learning the common languages that might help me out in life (especially since my city is the most diverse city and I used to live in the most diverse area and near the “”“China Town”“” district). That’s what people should do. I remember back then we used to praise people left and right for learning at least two languages or three languages and now suddenly it’s an offense or an accessory???? Might as well cancel all Spanish or language classes in school because learning Japanese or Korean (which some schools in my state have) is now an offense. 

If anybody learns my language, you are now a Spaneeaboo.


ʚ♡ɞ | use code rinihime for 10% off Please don't remove the text (◕‿◕✿)
ʚ♡ɞ | use code rinihime for 10% off Please don't remove the text (◕‿◕✿)